Summer 2021 – Xtreme Youth Zone (XYZ)

Starting Monday, July 5th.

Welcome Greg Davis to E=MC2 as our Summer Program Manager. Greg comes to us with with years of experience working with local area youth in Lamoille County. Greg Is dedicated to building our youth up by creating an environment that is caring and supportive. Understanding that guiding our youth through such a pivotal time in their development is essential.

Greg Davis, Summer Program Director

Greg Davis has been the JES Physical Educator (PE) since 2017. Starting this he will be teaching PE at Lamoille Union High School.  Greg believes in developing the whole person, and physical activities have been his been both pivotal for Greg personally and in his work with youth. While in college at Northern Vermont University, Greg was a multi-student-athlete and a three-year captain in two different programs. Greg has continues to coach and pass along the power of team sports in development of the person.

Greg is the Lady Lancers Middle School Lacrosse Coach, which is 7/8th grade. He also coaches the Lady Lancers Middle School Soccer team, 7/8th grade team and is the Head Coach for the Lady Lancers High School Varsity Basketball.

Greg comes to us from Philadelphia, PA. That is where he developed his athletic and coaching abilities. Greg’s unique history and he has developed programming that works on multiple skill development, one-on-one sessions with athletes of all ages and levels of the game. Greg has expereince with working with youth from 5 years old to players that are 25+ years old. Greg is inclusive in his work and can work with all gendered athletes on skills specifics for them, strength, and conditioning to achieve their goals.

In Greg’s own words, “Developing the youth and helping them not only physically but throughout all domains. My goal is to help put the youth in the best position to be successful in their future. I emphasize my programming on developing an environment that is safe for all my students to be comfortable being themselves. Building a safe and comfortable environment is most important. The youth will be more successful in an environment that’s caring and supportive. The youth needs to be able to TRUST the environment and DEPEND on their mentors and peers.

Please help us welcome Greg to E=MC2!

Remember, to sign your child up, please complete this form.

Update **10.28**

We’re starting to get into the swing of things. Please stay in touch here but even better, on Facebook in case things change. For now these hours are pretty reliable. The public and kids in particular are welcome to come down for our open hours and enjoy the space. We are monitoring the phones, emails and social media and are often on site more than the opening hours so don’t hesitate to call or touch base if you have questions. Our Supervised Visitation program has gotten busier so we are adjusting for that as well.

UPDATE **9.9**
We opened for the first time since the world shut down for us on March 17th. There was plenty of hand sanitizer and masks and there are three distinct spaces, gaming, chilling and computers, for kids to hang out, have fun and be safe.

If you’re interested in having your child come or if you’re a kid and you want to come, please be prepared to check in, have your temperature taken and give a phone or email. Other than that, it’s MASK UP when within 6 ft.

If you’re looking for some support for childcare, you can fill out the survey below. Thanks and see you soon.


**Updated 8.31**
Buddy Bubbles are coming to the Center. A Buddy Bubble is modeled after the School “pods” model, where kids have a group that they stay with to minimize exposure.


Help your child organize a Buddy Bubble and they can have access to the Center in a more efficient and reliable way.

Hours starting Sept 8th

2pm – 6pm

We’re also in the process of applying for a Vermont Hub Grant which would allow us to expand our hours to full day and full after-school programing.