Cookie Thursdays – Week 3

The snow stopped us last Thursday so we made up for it today, Monday, February 10th with the Meals On Wheels crew (Nicole). We had our biggest attendance with 7 kids and 3 adults and we made about…hmmmm…I’d say 400 cookies TODAY ALONE, including a new batch, Chocolate Chip Cherry Merengue! Whoa!

We will be doing our final packaging day this Thursday, February 13th at 3:15 at Meals on Wheels. This is when we could use all hands on deck to box up and package all the cookies we have. So far we’ve made: Chewy Maple, Love Letters, Oatmeal Date, and Chocolate Cherry Merengue. All of these will be boxed up for people in our community who might benefit from some sweet treats and some sweetness this Valentines day (who wouldn’t benefit). So if you’d like to join us come on over on Thursday at 3:15.

Many great thank you’s to Meals on Wheels and Morrisville Rotary for helping to make this happen. We are also publishing a cook book of recipes and pictures from our Cookie Baking Odyssey so stay tuned.