The Community Center Needs You: Countdown to Town Meeting. T-Minus 5 days

Hi Everyone,
Town Meeting here in Morristown is March 3rd at 9am and we need your help!

All Inhabitants!

It’s been just over a year of being a Community Center and we think it’s been fantastic and if was only up to us, well, we would have unlimited funding to serve the needs of our community and improve the services we already offer. But it’s not up to us and we really would appreciate hearing from YOU about how you think we’re doing and if you want us to stick around.

Are you a parent of one of the hundred or 150 kids that frequent our XYZ (Extreme Youth Zone) after school program? Are you an associate or member or fan of one of the many groups that use our space? Are you in the business of Supervised Visitation or in the legal world in our Community? Or maybe you’re none of these, but you see and hear about the value we’re bringing and want to support us.

No matter what, if you think E=MC2 is a valuable part of our Community and that it would be good to keep it going and grow it, we need your help!

There are two main ways to help:

1-Come to Town Meeting on Tuesday, March 3rd at 9am and voice your support personally!

2-Write us a brief email or letter sharing your experience of the Center. The email is!

Of course both of these things can be done by parents AND KIDS so if you have a kid who enjoys the benefits of the Center please encourage them to write a brief statement, or better yet show up on Tuesday (There’s no School!).

We would not only appreciate the support but it might mean the difference between continuing effectively or folding up the tent. Please come out and show your support.

Thank you!