Community Support During This Time

Hi All,

Crazy times call for level heads. We don’t know how this is going to play out but we are being guided by the Vermont Dept. of Health and the Lamoille South SD in determining whether we will open or close, officially.

However we’re not going anywhere and we are currently considering what it might mean and look like IF schools close in our Community, IF we remained open to support parents who hold essential jobs in our community or who have no options for childcare.

This is a big decision and we are engaging people who know more than we do and if we do decided to remain open to support in this way there will be many more questions that will need to be answered. Stay tuned for those as we get information.

If we determine it’s not a good decision to remain open in that way, we plan on staying current and engaged from a community perspective to help in whatever way we can. This might mean being a hub for food support, a place to get information or live support or any number of other things.

To be clear. We are here. We will remain here and we will be available however we can for our neighbors and our Community. Keep you’re heads, deep breath, focus and stay clean!

If you need to reach us you can email at Also please share this to anyone who you think would find value in it.

Thank you and stay strong.