Lamoille County Youth Online Community READY!


Welcome to the new reality, full of challenges and full of opportunity. Full of pain and full of newly discovered joy. Full of boredom and chaos. We’re getting by ok, bummed out to be closed right now, but also spending the time thinking about how we can be during this time and after.

What will this all mean to us as we move forward in this new world?

Will we all go back to the way it was? Do you think you could go back to the way it was?

How are you friends and family? How are you doing? Do you need any help?

So many questions. Not as many answers…but one thing is true…we care about each other. Dare we say – we love each other-? Yes.

We love you!

And we miss you…and we want to know how you’re doing and we want to continue to discover new ways to connect that are meaningful, not just marketed.

In that spirit we’re introducing and opportunity for local youth in our community in the 13-18 year old age group to help create a…

LOCAL. ONLINE. YOUTH DRIVEN. Community. We’re working with Joe Gardiner at Lamoille County Restorative Justice Center and he’s put together the foundation for this online community.

It’s called Discord, and it’s an app and website devoted to providing space to the 13-18 year old group.

The best part of the virtual space is that it relates to XYZ and to our mission of providing a Third Space, created and driven by youth with minimal interruption by adults. In the Discord space there will be adult moderators, I will be one, but primarily it’s a kid created environment, one that they can feel comfortable, safe and expressive.

It’s invite only and we want to keep it completely Lamoille County. Currently I’m looking for a few XYZ kids to take a leadership role and will be sending out links shortly to invite kids.

If you’re a kid and reading this – please check it out.
If you’re a parent and reading this – please share it with your kid.

Thank you and see you soon,