Getting Ready To Open!

Hi everyone,


It’s been a minute and we’re glad to be writing this and hope that it finds you well and ready to tackle whatever is ahead of us, together!

We’re making plans to re-open, in a somewhat limited fashion, next week. As you know things have changed and we’re spending time figuring out how to get the doors open in the best, safest and most useful ways possible.

What we want you to know is that we’re coming. Get ready. You can stay tuned here, stay tuned on our Facebook page, share the news on Insta so that when we do say GO, you’re ready too.

During this first phase it’s going to be limited and unfortunately not everyone will be able to come back at the same time, so please be patient, stay in touch and we will get you the information you need in short order.

Thank you and see you all soon,

The E=MC2 Team