The 5 Domains of Kindergarten Readiness is a measure of how well our communities (parents, schools, childcare providers) are supporting our children and preparing them for success in school and life. In Vermont, we measure children’s readiness in five different areas of development:

5 Domains of Kindergarten Readines- Let's Grow Kids

  1. Social and Emotional Development: demonstrates independence, deals with transitions smoothly, and interacts positively with adults and other students and other students in classrooms.
  1. Communication: expresses needs and wants, uses complete sentences when in a conversation, and understands simple directions or requests.
  1. Cognitive Development: uses imagination and role-playing in play, can count five or more objects, is aware of how books are organized and can recognize his or her own name in print.
  1. Approaches to Learning: appears enthusiastic and interested in activities.
  1. Physical Development & Health: can perform some self-help skills like wiping the nose, washing hands, dressing, and in general, considers health as a measurement of how often a child feels sick, overly tired or hungry.