Supervised Visitation

E=MC2 has taken on the responsibility of providing Supervised Visitation (SV) to the families of Lamoille County. Supervised Visitation is where parents (one or both) who have been separated from their children have a chance to visit with their children in a safe, reliable and trusting space.

The belief behind SV is that even with mistakes that parents may make, and some make pretty big mistakes, the best people to be with kids are the parents. Our society is generally very punitive and often times situations can arise where parents have no ability to connect or reconnect with their kids. Often times parents are or have paid the price of their mistakes and are looking for ways to reform relationships, SV gives parents and kids that opportunity. Some situations are court ordered and we also accommodate such circumstances.

Our primary goal is the safety of the children and within that framework we work to provide space and assurance for all that these relationships can be reformed in a positive way. If you’re interested in SV or no someone who might be please share the form below. It’s an involved process to get it going but once we do get it going it’s worth it.

With any SV program we will need to have each party fill out all the forms, agree on time and sign contracts before initiating any meetings. A face to face meeting may also be necessary individually, including the kids.

First Contact Form – Use this form below if people are new to our service.

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