The What’s Up

The Community Center Needs You: Countdown to Town Meeting. T-Minus 5 days

Hi Everyone,
Town Meeting here in Morristown is March 3rd at 9am and we need your help!

All Inhabitants!

It’s been just over a year of being a Community Center and we think it’s been fantastic and if was only up to us, well, we would have unlimited funding to serve the needs of our community and improve the services we already offer. But it’s not up to us and we really would appreciate hearing from YOU about how you think we’re doing and if you want us to stick around.

Are you a parent of one of the hundred or 150 kids that frequent our XYZ (Extreme Youth Zone) after school program? Are you an associate or member or fan of one of the many groups that use our space? Are you in the business of Supervised Visitation or in the legal world in our Community? Or maybe you’re none of these, but you see and hear about the value we’re bringing and want to support us.

No matter what, if you think E=MC2 is a valuable part of our Community and that it would be good to keep it going and grow it, we need your help!

There are two main ways to help:

1-Come to Town Meeting on Tuesday, March 3rd at 9am and voice your support personally!

2-Write us a brief email or letter sharing your experience of the Center. The email is!

Of course both of these things can be done by parents AND KIDS so if you have a kid who enjoys the benefits of the Center please encourage them to write a brief statement, or better yet show up on Tuesday (There’s no School!).

We would not only appreciate the support but it might mean the difference between continuing effectively or folding up the tent. Please come out and show your support.

Thank you!

Cookie Thursdays – Week 2

It was another awesome week of Cookie making at Meals on Wheels Lamoille County, thanks to the generosity of Morrisville Rotary!

Check out the awesome pics. We actually baked today, two kinds: Chewy Maple and Love Letters. We had four kids and three adults and we’re really encouraging as many more as want to come join us for Thursday cookie baking, it’s quite a rewarding experience. If you’re interested and your child attends E=MC2 just make sure they’re here by 3pm on Thursday and we will be back by 5pm. The baking is a short walk around the corner, right next to Cumberland Farms.

We will be baking again next week and there are many jobs, from baker to mixer to dough roller to dishwasher, all that come with plenty of TASTE TESTING. We will be developing a cookbook for our community and in two weeks we will be packaging the cookies to take to people in our community who may not have anything sweet to eat for Valentines. Please come and help!

Community Cookies

We’re partnering with Meals on Wheels to bake cookies with Elders in our community through generous support from Morrisville Rotary. For four (4) Thursdays we will be walking to MoW to bake cookies in their kitchen. In the process of “baking” we will be learning about ingredients, recipes, budgeting and we will be creating a commemorative cook book for all involved to share. We will be freezing the cookies and then packaging and distributing on Valentines Day to those that may not have access to the sweet treats. If you have a child that comes to center there is a permission slip needed, you can find it HERE.

If you’re an Elder in our community and you’d like to share some time with the youth of our Community, please contact Meals on Wheels (click the link above) and let them know.

The dates are:
Jan 23
Jan 30
Feb 6
Feb 13
The times are 3-5pm. We will meet at the center and head over.

Xtreme Youth Zone


Well, we never wanted it to be this way, but it is this way so we might as well make the best of it.

You know how the Center is kind of like that space where it’s NOT your parents and it’s NOT your teachers…and you have the freedom (as long as you’re not beating on each other) to pretty much hang out like you want?

We’ve set up a VIRTUAL SPACE on the app DISCORD. The idea is to model the environment at the Center, there will be a few adults floating around to help, answer questions and share the space, but really it’s for you. Here’s a couple reasons to join:

1-It’s Lamoille County – this is a local platform, so it’s your friends from around here.
2-There’s not a lot of adults, but there are some, just here to support
3-It’s invitation only, so you have to invite your friends
4-It’s as flexible as the other BIG social media apps, you can stream, chat, gather, call, whatever.

So please come join us, share the link with friends and let’s see what happens.